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WATERSTOPS FOR EPANSION AND CONSTRUCTION JOINTS WATERPROOFING WATERSTOPS FOR EPANSION AND CONSTRUCTION JOINTS Introduction Basements Sika® and Tricosal® ® waterstops are the easy and economic way of expansion and construction joint sealing. Industrial Facilities The high chemical resistance of the Sika ® Tricosal Westec® waterstop series, …

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Bentonite Waterstop System

Basic Uses. Superstop is used for sealing cold joints in concrete and to prevent water migration through construction joints below grade. Properly installed under compaction, Superstop will stop the passage of water through a static cold joint or between two abutting impermeable surfaces.


A waterstop is an element of a concrete structure, intended to prevent the passages of fluids (such as water) when embedded in and running continuously through concrete joints. Waterstops are grouped in two distinct categories.

Waterstops| Concrete Construction Magazine

Waterstops are designed to provide an effective waterproof barrier across construction, contraction, and expansion joints. They are not intended as a remedy for porous concrete. Finally, (4) all joints must be sealed properly. Although a waterstop is a complete seal in itself, it is also advisable to seal all joints with an appropriate filler.

Advanced Waterstop for Concrete Joints

It’s hard for uncured concrete to form a seal with a block that’s been cured already. Therefore, a cold joint is the area where cracks are more likely to form, followed by water infiltration. For below-grade construction, waterstops represent a safe, commonsense approach to preventing water infiltration through seams in concrete.

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Durajoint Concrete Accessories

DCA Construction Products, LLC PH: 888-833-8308. Email: [email protected] For product information please click on the Tabs at the top or bottom of this page. ≡

Rubber & PVC Waterstop Installation Method

How to install waterstops? Concrete joints, where two or three sections of the concrete meets, are the weakest points easy being subjected to liquid leakage. So a number of waterstop products are designed to form a moisture barrier to deal with these issues.

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Description: Doron Bentonite Waterstop is a flexible strip concrete construction joint waterstop that provides a positive seal by gradually expanding when in contact with water. Bentonite Waterstop is an active bentonite based waterstop that is designed to replace conventional passive PVC dumbbell waterstop, thus eliminating the requirement of ...

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This swelling ability prevents the passage of water through concrete construction joints. Type 20 & 23 waterstops are fast, easy, and economical to install. Simply apply Earth Shield® Primer to the existing concrete, firmly press the waterstop to the primed surface, and place your second pour of concrete.


WATERSTOP-RX® EXPANDING CONCRETE JOINT WATERSTOP DESCRIPTION WATERSTOP-RX is a hydrophilic strip wa-terstop designed to stop water iniltration through cast-in-place concrete construction joints by expanding upon contact with water to form a positive seal against the concrete. The key to WATERSTOP-RX’s effectiveness is

The Use of Waterbar or Waterstop in Construction Joints

Aug 01, 2018 · Concrete Joints exist mostly in basements, Water retaining structures like Water tanks, Swimming pools, structural foundations & other below ground level constructions like Sewage Treatment Plant STP. Waterstops are also termed as Water Bars, seals construction joints. A typical waterstops have two identical half on both side of a central bulb.

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PVC Waterstop Design Guide

C. Construction Joints are determined by interruptions in the placement of concrete. 2.02 WATERSTOP DESIGNS FOR NON-WORKING JOINTS . Ribbed Flat – Use where negligible or no movement is expected. Ribbed shapes provide a more watertight seal than dumbbell.

Expansion and construction joints (Swellbar & PVC waterstop)

Expansion joints and construction joints PVC weberdry waterstops are recommended to stop leakage positively through construction and expansion joints in concrete structures. They are required whenever concreting is to be made in 2 phases (between slab and slab or slab and wall or wall and wall).

ADCOR 500S Waterstop (US version)

ADCOR 500S Waterstop (US version) Conformable, hydro-expansive waterstop for preventing water entry through joints in concrete sub-structures Product Description GCP Applied Technologies’ (“GCP”) ADCOR 500S waterstop is a conformable, butyl rubber-based hydrophilic waterstop strip that expands in contact with water.

4 Types of Concrete Waterstops

4 Types of Concrete Waterstops The joints in a concrete structure are the most vulnerable areas for leaking and cracking due to water penetrating them. In most structures, this leads to mold and fungus growth, and can affect the integrity of the structure.

Installation of Waterstops| Concrete Construction Magazine

Rubber waterstops can be cold lap spliced by overlapping the ends of the waterstop and holding it together with bolting. Metal waterstops are spliced by welding. After both portions of the concrete have been cast there remains the application of the joint filler. These protect the waterstop material from the adverse effects of the atmosphere.

Krystol Waterstop Treatment | Waterproofing Concrete Joints

Krystol Waterstop Treatment is used in conjunction with Krystol Waterstop Grout and/or Krytonite, as part of the Krystol Waterstop System, wherever water penetration through static concrete-to-concrete joints is a concern. Krystol Waterstop Treatment can also be used by itself as a dampproofing treatment.

Servitite Internal PVC waterstop system for passive

Concrete Joint Protection - Waterstops Servitite® Internal PVC waterstop system for passive protection of movement joints and construction joints in reinforced concrete structures. Applications Servitite® is an internally cast specially formulated PVC waterstop system manufactured in a range of sizes for use in reinforced concrete structures.

TPV Waterstop for Concrete Joints

Install Earth Shield® TPV Waterstop in all concrete joints. Waterstop should be centered in, and run the extent of the joint. All changes of directions should be prefabricated (see Shop Made Fittings), leaving only butt-welding for the field. If installing in an expansion joint, keep center bulb unembedded to allow it to accommodate movement ...

Concrete Joint Waterstops | Waterproofing

Concrete Joint Waterstops Waterstop-RX 101 / Waterstop-RX103 A hydrophilic strip waterstop designed to stop water infiltration through cast-in-place concrete construction joints by expanding upon contact with water to form a positive seal against the concrete.


Dec 21, 2012 · VIDEO INSPECTION OFof a drilled monolith joint in a concrete gravity dam... 400% SPEED. Emagineered Solutions Inc. repairs failed waterstops in concrete gravity dams, powerhouses and navigation locks.

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Manufacture of waterstops and accessories for use in concrete construction. Waterstop plays a critical role in the integrity of concrete structures. It provides a fluid-tight diaphragm when embedded in, and runn JP636 waterstop photo ing through concrete joints.

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EXPANDING COCRETE JOINT WATERSTOP WATERSTOP-RX is a flexible strip concrete construction joint waterstop that provides a permanent seal by expanding upon contact with water. WATERSTOP-RX is an active sodium bentonite based waterstop that is designed to replace conventional passive PVC dumbbell waterstops,


WATERSTOP BASIC USE Embedded in concrete, across and/or along the joint, waterstops form a watertight diaphragm that prevents the passage of liquid through the joint. SUGGESTED WATERSTOP DESIGN CHECKLIST ́ Verify chemical containment requirements, if any ́ Verify hydrostatic head pressure requirements ́ Determine joint type and joint movement requirements ́ …


However, Swellstop does not need to be located in a keyway. The concrete surface should be smooth, dry, and cured for a minimum of 24 hours prior to Swellstop application. Brush apply a 2” wide continuous coat of Swellstop Primer Adhesive along the joint and allow it to dry for two hours before applying the Swellstop waterstop.

Kryton Swelling Waterstop | Waterproofing Concrete Joints

Krytonite Swelling Waterstop is adhered using Krytonite Adhesive at or near the center of the construction joint to the clean, dry, concrete surface. For added long-term protection of the outboard reinforcing steel, apply Krystol Waterstop Treatment to the concrete surface first and then adhere Krytonite to the treatment.

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